Prof. Yelena Nikolayevna LAPTEVA, M. D.

LENMEDCENTER is headed by Yelena Nikolayevna LAPTEVA, MD, Highest Category Doctor (in gastroenterology and dietetics). Since 1983, she has been working at Medical Academy of Postgraduate Training, her current position being Leading Expert in diagnostics and treatment of alimentary diseases.

In 1983, Dr. Lapteva upheld her Candidate of Sciences dissertation dedicated to diagnostic and treatment of stomach ulcer. In 1998, her MD theses on diagnostics and treatment of alimentary dystrophy were defended. In 2000, Dr. Lapteva patented her invention related to treatment of alimentary dystrophy.

Since 1893, Dr. Lapteva has examined and treated more than 1000 alimentary dystrophy patients and more than 6000 patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. For more than two decades she has been engaged in the problem of therapeutic nutrition and dietetics and nestitherapy for different internal diseases.

Dr. Lapteva expertise includes gastroduodenoscopy and rectoromanoscopy techniques.

Dr. Lapteva is the author or coauthor of more than 90 publications.
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Русская версия

LENMEDCENTER provides health care services in the following fields:

  • gastroenterology (for adults and children);
  • treatment of alimentary diseases (obesity, alimentary dystrophy, etc.);
  • dietetics (devising of personalized diets including specialized therapeutic diets for different diseases);
  • diagnostics;
  • correction of feeding behavior;
  • psychology and psychotherapy;
  • endocrinology.
  • Complex treatment programs developed at LENMEDCENTER may include such measures as:

  • monitored dialysis of the colon
  • controlled cleansing of bowels;
  • hydrotherapy of the colon;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • therapeutic exercises for body weight correction;
  • psychological training;
  • reducing diet.