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Treatment of alimentary diseases

АAlimentary diseases (from Latin "alimentaris", which means "nutritional" are conditions associated with inappropriate feeding. At LENMEDCENTER your will be provided with help in managing alimentary diseases including the following ones:

  • Obesity
  • Alimentary dystrophy

  • What can LENMEDCENTER propose?
  • For those who need weight loss...
    LENMEDCENTER physicians will help you to safely reduce excess body weight and to maintain your corrected weight. After having performed your physical examination, your doctor will draw up a personalized examination schedule to choose a treatment basing on its results. The factors taken into account include hereditary predisposition, endocrine background, concomitant diseases, etc. Alimentary behavior and physical activity will be corrected in a reasonably careful way and with regard of your habitual way of life. Measures that will be suggested will fairly well fit to cosmetic procedures. Smoothness and effectiveness are the main principles of treatment at LENMEDCENTER. The unique methods designed by Dr. LAPTEVA will help you - to look well,
    - to get rid of a number of diseases, and
    - to acquire beneficial habits.

  • For those in need of more body weight...
    The modern standards of looking good and of fashionable diets have led to the wide prevalence of health problems associated with body mass deficit. Most regretfully, people trying to force themselves into currently adopted constrains do not realize what harm they do to their health. By severely restricting food intake (because of the desire to conform to some ideal or because of occupation) and thereby violating nutritional norms, one comes to the point where he/she cannot return to the norm by his/her own efforts. Even a mere eating more will make problems, such as abdominal pain, nausea, and other discomforts. In such cases, medical assistance is needed, otherwise emaciation will progress resulting in grave consequences up to the lethal outcome. Original developments by Dr. LAPTEVA based on the experience generally gained in this field and on her own findings provide for a novel theoretical and practical approach to treatment of patients suffering from body mass deficiency. Suffice it to say that Dr. LAPTEVA's M. D. theses defended in 1998 dealt with this very problem. The new approach has been recognized by the medical community as affording excellent results in helping many patients to resume their normal life
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