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Psychology and psychotherapy

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Our psychological trainings
-        Art therapy for children and adults
-        Psychological trainings involving body oriented therapy
-        Psychological trainings for obese patients
What is psychological training?
Psychological trainings is a form of learning certain behavioral skills and developing of one's personality aiming to correct issues that in essence led a patient to a doctor. Traditionally they use psychological training for developing proficiency in  self-knowledge, self-understanding, reflection, changing relations to oneself, others, activating ability of self-regulation, developing emotional resilience and also for improvement of participant's social adaptation and deepening his experience of others behavior psychological interpretation.
What kind of health related issues can be resolved using psychological trainings?
Assistance of a qualified psychologist will always help to cure an underlying disease, but in some cases psychological background, in a form of trainings specifically, is particularly effective and even necessary. Here it is primarily about such diseases as:
-        eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia),
-        gastroenterological diseases (stomach ulcer, colitis, gastritis, etc.),
-        endocrine diseases (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, etc.),   
-        neurological diseases (headaches, insomnia and other sleep disorders, neuroses, anxiety, fear, depression, etc.)
Besides it is a common fact that turmoil in the family, at work, at school, strained relations with relatives often do not simply increase one's somatic disease but may even cause its aggravation. In this case psychological training aimed at correction and prevention of psychological problems in relations between parents and children, normalization of psychological climate in the family, social and psychological adjustment, indirectly affects recovery of underlying disease.
Is it necessary for psychological training to be a group meeting?  
Psychological training can be held either in group or personally.
Group or personal training? What is best?
Both types of training have their advantages. The goals can be achieved using any of them. In each case work of a psychologist is based on various qualities of a certain training. In a process of training psychologist employs appropriate psycho- techniques that can most effectively help a patient to learn to navigate in his psychological condition and control it. For some of the patients individual psychological training is the most effective while group training works best for the others. It is always a specialist who can advise a patient after appropriate testing what type of training is optimal.
What are the advantages of each type of training?
Individual training first and foremost consists of detailed study of the personal issues that had a decisive influence on formation of a specific disease.

While in the course of a group training a patient is given an opportunity to appreciate all the benefits of a collective work under supervision of a qualified psychologist. Thus:
-        easier to comprehend that you are not alone in your illness;
-        to rely on the experience of real people who are closer towards a common goal - to become a healthy person;
-        to feel confidence providing support to those who are farther on the road to recovery;
We would also like to emphasize that group training does not mean lack of individual approach. Moreover in certain situations it is important that the group sessions are always economically advantageous. And if there are no specific indications for individual training then one can safely focus on the group, by the way this approach is very common in foreign psychotherapy. It is often advised to alternate individual and group training to achieve the best outcome.
What can be considered the most important component of psychological training?
All the well-known experts in psychology share the view that all sorts of techniques used in the various schools of psychological training is merely a tool in the hands of a psychologist, and the result of all these techniques depends primarily on the personal and professional qualities of the person who conducts psychological training. Highly professional psychologists and psychotherapists in a multidisciplinary clinic Lenmedcenter are providing medical assistance specializing in psychological support to adults and children with diseases of the digestive tract, alimentary disorders, neurological diseases and problems with regard to mental health.
What kind of psychological training is used by psychologists and psychotherapists of Lenmedcenter?
there is no single classification of psychological training. They are divided on various grounds, for example:
-        basic skills, which is the purpose of training,
-        disease group with a similar set of reasons,
-        basic method of resolving the problem.
Specialists of Lenmedcenter are experts in all kinds of psychological trainings, employ a wide spectrum of modern psycho-techniques individually selecting the best methods of treatment.
Among the most popular psychotherapeutic techniques are the following group trainings aiming to achieve physical and psychological health:
-        Art therapy for children and adults
-        Psychological trainings involving body oriented therapy
-        Psychological trainings for obese patients

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