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Gastroenterology (for adults and children)

Gastroenterology is one of the main areas of LenMedCenter activity. Everything is available at LenMedCenter to afford high quality medical aid. Your doctor at LenMedCenter will heed your complaints and use his own observation to design a program of medical examination. Modern sparing diagnostic techniques used at LenMedCenter provide for making the right diagnosis or for correction of the existing one. Only after having gained detailed insight into the causes of your health problem, your doctor will prescribe the corresponding treatment and diet, which will be corrected over time depending on your conditions. Such really personalized approach is based on the wide experience of LENMEDCENTER Head, Dr. LAPTEVA, in gastroenterology and dietetics.

Gastrointestinal diseases diagnosed and treated at LenMedCenter

Crohn disease
Gastroesophageal reflux
Gastritis, acute and chronic
Bile duct dyskinesia
Non-specific ulcerative colitis
Celiac disease
Irritated bowel syndrome
Gastric ulcer
Duodenal bulb ulcer

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