ВЕРСИЯ ДЛЯ СЛАБОВИДЯЩИХВерсия для слабовидящих


At LENMEDCENTER, any treatment is preceded by devising of an individual examination program. However, a diagnostic program may be devised for the only purpose to find out the causes of various disturbances in body functions. An individual examination plan devised at LENMEDCENTER may be, by patient's wish, implemented within the shortest terms possible (2-3 days). Where necessary (debilitated patients or those who come from other cities and regions), diagnostics is carried out in the inpatient mode at the best multi-discipline clinics of Saint-Petersburg (accomodation in first-class wards for one or two patients is possible). By patient's wish, examination may be performed under anesthesia. It is possible to carry out examinations at patient's place.

Carrying out of a complex medical examination at LENMEDCENTER does not imply referring to all possible specialists. Managing of any problem at LENMEDCENTER starts from a detailed talk with a doctor. Basing on the information obtained in such talk, the doctor will devise a personalized examination program. The main point is to find out the causes of ails (they may be different in different patients even if their symptoms are similar) rather than merely to refer the patient to different specialists and laboratory tests. The ability to detect the problem and to make a decision basing on a whole complex of examinations is what means the real professionalism. At LENMEDCENTER, this is done at the highest level possible. After examination, a treatment regimen with account to all essential aspects will be devised and, if desirable, follow-up over the whole treatment period will be carried out. No wonder is that LENMEDCENTER physicians often become the family doctors of their patients.

The following is at patient's service at LENMEDCENTER:

examination of patients having excess or deficit of their body mass;
analysis of body mass composition;
laboratory investigations;
fiber-optical gastroduodenoscopy;
ultrasonic examination of internal organs;
24-h Holter and AD monitoring;
many other examinations and tests.

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