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Nonspecific ulcerative colitis

What is nonspecific ulcerative colitis?
Nonspecific ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine, which develops starting from the rectum. Usually, the periods of exacerbation of ulcerative colitis alternate with the absence of its evident symptoms. The continuing chronic form is very rare

What is the prevalence of ulcerative colitis?
Ulcerative colitis is found in 40-117 subjects per 100 000 population.

At what age does ulcerative colitis occur most often?
The first peak of ulcerative colitis is in the period from 20 to 40 years and the second is in the period of 60-70 years.

What causes ulcerative colitis?
The causes of ulcerative colitis are not known for certain. Scientist suppose that the factors that may play a role in the development of ulcerative colitis include hereditary predisposition, immune disturbances, oral contraceptives, dietary habits, and psychosocial problems.

What are the symptoms of ulcerative colitis?
The main symptom at the initial stages of ulcerative colitis is frequent defecation, stool often being softer than usual and containing blood and mucus. Exacerbation is manifested as frequent diarrhea (from 4 to 30 times a day), feces being contaminated with blood in the morning. Abdominal pain may develop. The pain (especially in the lower abdomen) may be experienced only upon pressing. Other symptoms sometimes include anemia, fever, weight loss, arthritis, nodal erythema, and eye lesions.

What tests are needed to diagnose ulcerative colitis?
The final diagnosis is confirmed by endoscopic examination of the rectum and colon and by targeted biopsy. Additional measures include X-ray examination and laboratory tests.

What if ulcerative colitis is not treated?
This may lead to serious complications including intestinal perforation, rectal bleeding, and colon cancer. The advanced stages of the disease often require surgery including ablation of a part of the intestine, although at the early stages, the diseases is sensitive to drug treatment.

When ulcerative colitis is suspected, medical attention is expedient! Specialists working at LENMEDCENTER will make the required examinations to ascertain the diagnosis and choose the appropriate treatment with account to the specific clinical features of the diseases and to the general condition of the patient.

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