Psychological training using body-oriented therapy as the primary mechanism for training

Direct sensual, bodily experience to restore the broken harmony between the mental and bodily, physical is used in the group of body-oriented therapy. Bodily experience is a necessary component of human existence, a condition for its completeness and wholeness. In groups of body-oriented psychotherapy therapists work directly with human body employing specially selected techniques whereby they attempt to balance physical and mental processes, freeing body from the accumulation of negative information, resentment, disappointment, forming in the body micro-clamps, blocks preventing free passage of energy, circulation, natural breathing. Accumulation of «clamps», emergence of «emotional blocks» in the beginning leads to feeling unwell, breaching of contact, difficulties in communication, fatigue, nervousness, irritability and then leads to somatic diseases and neuropsychiatric disruption. In the course of training sessions a patient learns:
            ● technique of total relaxation,
            ● skills to relieve internal tension, stress, chronic fatigue, anxiety, fear,
            ● techniques allowing to remove spasms in a process of respiration intrinsic to almost every modern citizen and to contribute to normalization of metabolic processes of the organism.