Art-pedagogic project

Main objectives
Introduction of developmental and wellness technologies to improve the psycho-emotional health of children;
Harmonization of personal development through the development of capacity for self-expression, self-knowledge and self-development.
Reducing internal aggression through the Art-pedagogic methods and system of creative interaction with the child, adolescent, young man.
Expected results
Improving the health of children in the emotional, psychological, social and moral aspects, development of sensory experience, and psychomotor activity of the child, aimed at improving the culture of thinking of the individual, providing a comfortable well-being of the child in solving the problems of adaptation, socialization, and its integration into society.
Mastering the skills of the parent game of interaction with the child to development of an algorithm of creative activity, forming a non-standard way of thinking developing logical and analytical abilities and inclinations to precise and imaginative thinking providing a positive interaction in an «adult - child» system.
Development of methods for parents aimed at disclosure of a system of resources for the development of a child's attention, memory, fine motor skills, associative and imaginative thinking, emotionally expressive voice and interactive culture of creativity that contributes to the mental health of the child.
Project description
One of the goals of creative interaction with parents is a successful socialization of children, adolescents and young adults. We believe that to achieve this goal it is necessary to expand mental horizons and build the spiritual needs of children, develop their creativity and build confidence in themselves, above all, for the concentration of energy and power to overcome external obstacles and solving personal problems. Undoubtedly, this work should be based on the traditions of humanistic and creative pedagogy, use technology of art education and therapy with creative expression.
This art-pedagogical program of creative development and emotional and psychological rehabilitation is aimed at creating a situation of success for virtually every child, adolescent, young man. The program helps the child in identifying and understanding their personal problems, contributes to its installation on a positive self-esteem, and helps parents to feel, to know and understand their children, which in turn leads to better psychological climate in the family.
From the standpoint of humanistic psychology counseling sessions help replenish psychotronic strength in children and adults, develop their reflexive abilities emotional self-management, self-regulation, which allows to support life-affirming, optimistic life orientation.
It is known that offset, heuristics artistic activities today in demand as health-saving technology of sensory education in order to maintain mental and emotional health of the child. And health is evident in moderation, tolerance and acquiescence, which requires the individual child and adult-developed abilities of emotional responsiveness. Parents' sensory culture gradually replenishes with techniques of building a favorable atmosphere, emotional and sensual “recharge” of all family members, as the subject field of art is the psychological impact, especially sensually emotional sphere of personality.
Thus development of sensory culture of personality as sensibility focused on the rule of spiritual and moral values is one of our major tasks. Intuitive understanding of art, artistic, creative activity provides soft image-game forms of dialogue not harmful to the health of the child, and use of concrete material contributes to   accumulation of a child experiences of reflection of their states, feelings, emotions, mental images, relationships. In fact it is a way of self-exploration of the inner world of the child and the way of his or her emotional and aesthetic, spiritual and moral development.
Simplicity of the algorithm of creative interaction with a child with developmental benefits is fraught with numerous possibilities for their use in the integrated process of emotional, intellectual and mental development of children, the development of gaming devices in co-creation with children. For example, “We draw the music”  training session is not just dive on an intuitive level in the world of music, poetry, artistic images, but also an opportunity for reflection. First, development of the algorithm of creative activity by a child occurs with the help of significant adults, and then he goes to the level of independent work and self-development. Performing creative tasks encourages the child to meditation, and his artistic development reflected in the literary and artistic expression, as well as emotional, psychological and social health. Besides, this is a great way to fixation, accumulation and evaluation of individual creative achievements of the child.
In creative work, we see the world a child, full of childlike perception, often with an internal incandescence experiences, and creative task is an artistic and literary version of a musical work where the spirit is expressed in the figure, the word and its internal content is given.
Relevance of the project
The need for child-parent interaction and co-creation convincingly emphasizes the idea of the famous American psycho physiologist Neil Miller: “Lack of parental warmth leads to lower intelligence, abnormalities of social behavior, a strong nervous tension, vulnerability and even bellicosity”. No doubt the fact that child's beliefs, needs, interests, abilities, character and spiritual potential, his peace of mind are formed in the family. In addition, the problem of rehabilitation of children currently in a purely medical evolved into a big social problem and has become one of the areas of public policy. In this regard, various preserving and health technologies actively developed and put into practice.
Psychosomatic characteristics of a large part of today's children are characterized by a burdened state of congenital disorders of the organism, with trouble emotional background of the rising generation of individuals to provoke a negative socioeconomic factors of life. Unfortunately we must note that the psychoanalytic picture of the emotional states experienced by high school students is dominantly negative, which is the internal cause or “soil” for the development of a capricious, headstrong, aggressive and deviant behavior.
Under these conditions a different, non-standard spiritual and psychological readiness to work with children is required from experts and parents. Art-pedagogic approach aims to preserve the mental and emotional health of both children and parents. Our experience shows that in this case cognitive needs of children remain intact, positive conditions for the development of skills of creativity, motivation, success, spiritual and moral self-development are being created.
It is especially important that art-pedagogic activities can not only provide effective psycho prophylaxis of emotionally negative manifestations, but also contribute significantly to the resolution of inner conflict, to remove stress from both children and parents, accumulate optimistic, creative experience of emotions and empathy, experience-tolerant empathy relationship.
Art-pedagogic techniques as soft forms of organization of child-parent relationships in creative activities contribute to development of emotional responsiveness as the primary mechanism of moral sentiments.  They can act as an effective means of forming emotional and moral culture of the person on the basis of emotional responsiveness of the child, his sensitivity to the needs of others. He learns to meet his needs taking into account interests and needs of others, to act with their agreement, but without force and psychological intervention.
All classes are based on a synthesis of art, using the enormous developmental potential of the compound words, music, painting and plastic expression.
During these exercises, consultations we rely on the technology of art pedagogy (aesthetic pedagogy or psycho pedagogy of art) which is designed to assist parents in learning practical skills in student-centered child development through art at home. The purpose of this co-creation is primarily an emotional rapprochement with your own child, as well as creating the conditions for his creative self in the light of intelligence and on the basis of a comfortable emotional state.
In Lenmedcenter art-pedagogical project is implemented under guidance of a practicing teacher and scientist who has extensive experience providing psychological and educational assistance to children with developmental problems, as well as their parents. Feel the healing effects of exercises which are held in the form of a game with the help of various kinds of art! immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warmth and joy of co-creation!